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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Get ready for the new Levels program - coming soon (November 21)

You might have heard the rumors - Parelli will soon be releasing a new set of DVDs, the latest and improved Levels Program which will cover Level 1 to 4. Featuring Pat in his best teaching mode yet, this set of DVD will incorporate everything Pat and Linda have learned about teaching the Parelli levels since they first launched the Levels program in 1999, including Horsenality and Patterns information. Pat shows the games with advanced horses as well as with a horse that has never done Parelli. I have seen a sneak preview, it is a great learning tool and beautifully produced - and it will be launched at a very special price to Savvy Club members. In addition, a new 'Get started' DVD will be produced that will introduce new students to the basics and will be available at a VERY SMALL price. No more excuses to wait, everyone will be able to afford it! That's all I can tell you for now but please read Linda Parelli's blog entry for more information.

The new DVDs will be available November 21st on the Web shop


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