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Monday, 2 August 2010

New clinic and workshops date for this fall in the Ottawa area!

Team work rocks, and two heads are better than one! My new coordinator Kara has been busy setting up Parelli events in the Ottawa area, bringing qualified Parelli training to YOUR neighborhood. Here is the latest schedule of clinics and workshops for this fall. You can also find the updated schedule on my web site by clicking on
and on the Parelli web site under Canadian Instructors/Geneviève Benoit

For info and registration, please contact Kara-Lee Golota at klgolota@gmail.com or (613) 255-2804

September 25th - Advanced Level 1 Workshop in Ottawa.
You have attended a Get Started clinic or started the 7 games, but need help moving forward and improving the 7 Games Online? In this casual setting, Geneviève will answer your questions, provide coaching and help to help you get unstuck or improve your games. We will focus on what you need to take home with you.

September 26th to 30th - Lesson days in Ottawa. Book your private, semi-private or group lesson.

October 2 & 3rd - Level 2/3 Online and Freestyle Clinic in Jasper, ON
Advance your partnership and move towards excellence! This is the perfect clinic for those of you who are already playing at Level 2 on the ground and need help getting over the hump into Level 3, as well as getting confident about Freestyle Riding. The emphasis will be on confidence and fun, on advancing your communication online, on learning to be in harmony with your horse and getting your partner to be in harmony with you. Meals will be prepared by a Chef friend of the host!

October 4th - Lessons in Jasper. Book your private, semi-private or group lesson.

I am also considering moving to Eastern Ontario next year, looking for a horse property in good condition to lease in the Kingston/Ottawa/Cornwall corridor. If you know of any, please contact me!

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