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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Teaching Blue Moon Flying Lead Changes using a Pattern (Parelli Level 4)

For the first time, a clip featuring my new partner Blue Moon! I got her a year ago, and she was very green under saddle. Cantering at that time mostly meant running off full speed without thinking! Here is a short clip showing how far she's come in a year - I am now teaching her flying lead changes under saddle. Enjoy!
Blue Moon is a horse I got a year ago and she was very green under saddle. She is making great progress through the levels, and I am now teaching her Flying Lead Change under saddle by using a pattern. This is our second session. We have done the pattern at least 7 times at the walk and trot, and built her confidence going over the log. She is also able to canter for a long time with relaxation, consistently takes the correct lead from the walk, follows my focus well and accepts a soft touch on the reins. I can ride her freestyle without reins at all three gaits. I am using a light seat (2 point).
Blue Moon is Arab/Andalusian, Right Brain Extrovert/Left Brain Extrovert cusp.

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