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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Achieving your horsemanship goals

Stephanie Burns - Sydney, NSWI thought I would share the following article by Dr. Stephanie Burns.  This one was written in the context of setting health goals, but the very same applies to horsemanship.
If you don't know Stephanie Burns, she is a leading expert on adult learning and was instrumental in developing the Level 1 and 2 red and blue packs (the version preceding the current brown sets), that are still considered by many today the best home study material released by Parelli to learn the levels.

 Have a read, and for more info on Dr. Burns, visit her web site and Facebook Page.

The one thing to remember about all goals, no matter how large, is that they only require small actions in any given moment. Books are written one word at a time. Getting fit is done one day at a time. Clearing our debts takes making small payments regularly. Therefore, goal achievement is about having the ability to initiate small actions and sustain them over time... People who succeed in achieving their goals do not let not being able to do a lot be a good enough reason to do nothing. -- Dr. Stephanie Burns


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