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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Being present

Being present, on being in the moment, is a critical part of horsemanship as well as leadership.  We can't expect our horses to be 100% attentive to us if we are not able to be 100% attentive to what they are telling us in the moment.  Focus, timing and feel come from cultivating the art of being present.

The following exemplifies what is meant by this concept and how it affects the quality of your interaction with your horse - and people around you.

«Being present means quieting your static. You allow yourself to be fully in the moment. You are focused not on what you were doing a second ago or what you need to do tomorrow. You're thinking only about the now. When you quiet the static, you let go of feelings that may interfere with clear thinking.
Are you still aggravated about what happened at breakfast that morning? Are you worried about the parent conference later today?
How you're feeling affects what you will say and do in an interaction. Remember, what you say and do as you interact affects how children feel about themselves and about learning. Clearing your mind of static allows you to focus on the child and give him your full attention. You're more in control of your words and your actions.»

Dombro, A., Jablon, J. & Stetson, C. (2012). Powerful Interactions: How to Connect with Children to Extend Their Learning. NAYCE.

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