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Friday, 9 October 2015

Announcing the third edition of J2S - Your Journey to Savvy Group Distance Coaching Program!

Announcing the third edition of the very popular J2S Your Journey to Savvy Group Distance Coaching Program! 

Stay motivated and progressive through the winter months, with support from a Licensed Parelli 3 Star Instructor and a community of like-minded students.

Registrations are now open, four different packages to choose from. Class starts November 1st! Check out the details in on www.vifargent.com/yourjourneytosavvy


This guided distance coaching program was designed to answer many of my students’ and my own challenges with learning the Parelli program at home.  Many of us feel the need to break through the feeling of isolation, have fun, stay progressive, keep the motivation alive and find ways to continue advancing despite weather, facility or time constraints.  The program will provide accountability and consistency, which are key to reaching your horsemanship objectives.  It is built to help you stay focused, stay on track, spark your imagination and inspire new ideas through regular homework, consistent help and support from a Licensed Parelli Professional, as well as opportunities to connect, share and celebrate your achievements with other members of the group.
This is a unique group coaching and support program which does not require you to leave home and allows you to learn under the guidance of a Licensed Parelli Professional; it also provides access to a community of like-minded aspiring natural horsemen and women.  Through homework, weekly group meetings and coaching, you will be able to keep advancing your skills, stay inspired and motivated and share your experience and successes with other students in the program.
Your questions will be answered and you will no longer find yourself ‘stuck’ with no idea on how to start moving forward again.  The homework and challenges will spark your imagination, help you develop your leadership and deepen your relationship with your horse.
It can be done anywhere, anytime and only requires a commitment to learn and the desire to participate (… and an Internet connection).
If your horse is recreation for you, can you be recreation for your horse?

You are not alone!  Join us to stay motivated and get support on your journey to excellence!

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