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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Introducing myself - Geneviève Benoit, Licensed Parelli Professional

My name is Geneviève and I am a Parelli Professional residing in Quebec, Canada. I have been studying Parelli since 1999, and became an instructor in 2005 after attending Parelli University in Florida and Colorado. I was part of the last group of professionals that actually trained with Pat Parelli, after which he stopped teaching aspiring professionals for a few years. He is now starting to do that again, which is great news!

Before Parelli, I had 30 years of normal horse experience as a rider, competitor and trainer in the hunter/jumper world, and also studied some normal dressage. My first Level 3 mare, Jolie, literally dragged me kicking and screaming to Parelli, because she would no longer put up with my normal ways. A smart and athletic TB jumper, she earned me my green string from Pat in 2003.

Jolie left us very recently for horse's heaven, after battling a degenerative disease for many years, which is why I retired her from riding right after earning our Level 3. The time had come to say goodbye, and she was laid to rest in Reddick, Florida, on Easter Monday 2009, as I ended my winter pilgrimage to the Parelli ranch.

I have her daughter, Menina, a 6 year old Half-Lusitano, smart, athletic, super talented and sensitive. She is the most challenging horse I have brought up through the levels so far, and Linda Parelli recently pointed out she is very much like Allure in her horsenality. Some days we are level 5, some days NOT, it all depends on my ability to prove my leadership to this very self-confident and intelligent super horse!

Easter is my Level 4 horse. She is a RBI, and I got her a few years ago at the age of 9, as a problem horse. She was terrified of everything, including humans, and had quite a bit of baggage. She is the spookiest horse I have ever ridden, but with the program, has evolved into a trusting, reliable and bonded partner. As long as I can take of her confidence, she is willing to do anything I ask. She is also the smallest horse I have ever owned, standing at barely 15 hands (I am known for riding very large horses!). She was born Easter day, hence her name.

I teach Parelli in French and English all over Eastern Canada, but will go wherever I am needed in the country. I go back to the Parelli ranch every winter to hone my teaching and horsemanship skills.
You can find out more about me, my horses and my services by visiting my web site at www.vifargent.com

I look forward to sharing Parelli with you! Naturally,

Geneviève Benoit
Licensed Parelli Instructor

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