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Friday, 29 January 2010

Parelli across America - Tournée nordaméricaine Parelli

Tickets for the upcoming Parelli Across America events along with the exciting Get Started Horse Training Equipment Kit go on sale today, Friday, Jan. 29. Please read below for more details on these new items and more!

Parelli Across America, proudly sponsored by Cover-All, is an event that will inspire, empower and educate you to achieve your dream with horses. Each event is designed to appeal to everyone – from our most dedicated Savvy Club members to those learning about Parelli for the first time.

Saturday - Share Parelli (Open to everyone) – Learn how you can accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of with your horse, without force or frustration. Invest in just ONE DAY to
get inspired – and remember why you got involved with horses in the first place.

Sunday - Savvy Club Sunday (Open to Savvy Club members only) – Spend this special day with Linda and Pat Parelli as you take your horsemanship to a whole new level. Specially reserved for our Savvy Club members, Sunday is an opportunity to gain more insight, more education, and the ultimate chance to refine your savvy.

March 27-28 Lexington, VA
April 17-18 Beaumont, TX
May 22-23 Redmond, OR
June 26-27 Columbus, OH
Aug 7-8 Fresno, CA

Parelli Across America Tickets:
o Saturday’s Share Parelli event tickets are $50.00*
o Special FREE ticket offer: register here to get a free Saturday ticket
*Savvy Club members: Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are FREE, there are 4 tickets included for each Savvy Club membership. Register your friends for their free tickets too!

Monday - Savvy Summit (Open to Savvy Club members only) – With the convenience of the same location, plan on attending one or all of these Savvy Summits – taking place every Monday following the Parelli Across America events.

March 29 Lexington, VA
April 19 Beaumont, TX
May 24 Redmond, OR
June 28 Columbus, OH
Aug 9 Fresno, CA

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