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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Let's go summer 2010!

Dear friends,

Here I am back in Pont-Rouge. Phew! My travels to the Parelli ranch are always very exciting and full of adventure, but it is always nice to come home to this very pretty countryside, especially during the summer. This year, mother Nature is being generous with lovely summer temperatures and the promise of dry and warm weather. I hope it lasts!

Like most of you, I am constantly challenged to manage business, work, horse time and personal time. The balance is difficult to keep and fragile! I must consciously make the time to develop my own horses, and it often means falling behind in my paperwork or accounting, or some other task less interesting but just as important and needed. I discipline myself to do it, because it would be so easy to let the day take over and never get to my horses. I don't need to be motivated to ride, I love to spend time at the barn, but it does mean I have to commute there, plan a constructive training program, think about what to do, spend physical energy and deal with whatever horses show up. When my days are very busy, I often have to psyche myself to go and do it.

This year, I am planning to stay in Quebec and try to grow the program locally. I will also be keeping eyes and ears open for business opportunities for the future. I am now dreaming of settling into a place that would not only allow me to keep my horses on site, but also to host my students and workshops. This place, which is now only in my imagination, would ideally have an indoor arena which would allow me to stretch the teaching season and operate despite of weather. It would have pastures and facilities to keep horses outside year round, stalls or pens for visiting horses, and a place to live. I would also be looking for access to trails and it would ideally be centrally located with easy access from the South, East and West.

In the mean time, I remind you of the upcoming clinics and workshop in Ottawa. There are still spots available, but please hurry to register so the hosts can plan their activities accordingly.

June 25 - Saddle Savvy Clinic - choosing a saddle for the benefit of the rider AND the horse. Learn how a well adjusted saddle system can greatly enhance your horse's comfort, attitude, health and your fluidity and confidence as a rider.

June 26-27 - Level 1 OnLine Horse Behavior and Patterns - limited to 10 riders. Auditors welcome.

June 28 - Private and group lessons for Parelli students in the area.

For info and registration, please contact Kara-Lee Golota at klgolota@gmail.com or (613) 255-2804 as soon as possible.

New this year - I now have 4 Parelli saddles available for trials and demos. You will be able to see them and try them at the Saddle Savvy Workshops, and I can also bring them at clinics and lessons for those who are interested. I have in stock:

Two Natural Performer saddles (Western), one Standard and one SuperWide
The new Parelli Dressage saddle
A Fluidity Standard saddle

I look forward to seeing you again, or to meeting you for the first time. Naturally,

Pont-Rouge (in the smoke!)

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  1. Genevieve, I so much can relate to your blog. Keeping a balance between, work, family, my own horses... it's a challenge. I put great emphasis on spending quality time with my family and still be able to do what I love - teaching, growing my business and playing with my horses. And yes, wouldn't it be lovely to have to perfect facility to host Parelli events, something to put on the dream board!!!!

    Only the best for a productive and fun summer,

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor