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Friday, 13 January 2012

Horsenality Do's and Don'ts

Great article on the Parelli web site about Horsenalities and what to do and not do for each!

LBE  Move his feet and he’ll give you his mind.

LBI   Move his mind and he'll move his feet!

RBE  Keep learning sessions short and simple. Respect thresholds.

RBI   Move his heart and he’ll give you his confidence.

Bon article sur le site Parelli sur les Horsenalities et les choses à faire et à éviter! 
CGE  Activez ses pieds et il vous donnera son esprit et son attention. 
CGI  Activez son esprit et il bougera ses pieds! 
CDE  Les sessions d'apprentissage doivent demeurer courtes et simples.  Respectez ses seuils/limites.
CDI  Activer son coeur et il vous donnera sa confiance.


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