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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Achieving your horsemanship goals Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I shared the first part of an article series by Dr. Stephanie Burns on achieving personal goals.  This is part 2.  Again, this was was written in the context of setting health goals, but the very same applies to horsemanship.

If you don't know Stephanie Burns, she is a leading expert on adult learning and was instrumental in developing the Level 1 and 2 red and blue packs (the version preceding the current brown sets), that are still considered by many today the best home study material released by Parelli to learn the levels.  Have a read, and for more info on Dr. Burns, visit her web site and Facebook Page.

«Here I am starting to talk about TAKING ACTION. By that I mean DOING STUFF in the direction of your goal.
Let’s face it, it seems that it is logical to believe that taking action in this context should be easy. It is YOUR goal, YOU set it, for reasons important to YOU, no one else is making you do it. YOU WANT IT. If you have no physical reason for not being able to get off the couch then what IS the problem!?
But, oh, how hard is it to get off the couch after you have settled in!
And, ahhhh, how hard is it to stop dipping the spoon in the ice cream tub!?
They are indeed hard, very hard. I am being serious! Changing behaviour, to do something new, or to stop something we are comfortable doing, is REALLY hard. Not physically but in another way.»
-- Dr. Stephanie Burns
You have set your goal, why is taking action towards your goal so bloody hard?

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