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Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Horse Angels... is born: Excerpt from The Horse Angels, Chapter 14

This is an excerpt of a book by Mark Neihart...  speaking of the role played by the horse in the advent of modern civilization and of the people who chose to honor the debt humans owe to the horse.

«As our technology grows it is easy to forget the past. It is easy to shed off the history and reasons we live like we do. When it comes to the horse we should never forget. There are many, many people who understand this and have taken it upon themselves to educate us and to grow our awareness of the horse. These people I call the Horse Angels, those that spend their lives with and around horses, living that bond, caring for their animals and teaching other people to do the same. These people understand the debt we, as humans, owe the horse. These people are the ones remembering and doing the work. Teaching us the truth about the horse’s gentle nature and their willing spirits that remain to this day. These are the true Horse Angels.»

The Horse Angels... is born: Excerpt from The Horse Angels, Chapter 14:    Once the ranching business began in the western United States, conflict with the wild horse herds was a sure bet. It is the inevitable ...

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