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Friday, 19 July 2013

Calm Connected Responsive - The Warm-Up is Everything! By Linda Parelli

This article was originally published in the May 2012 issue of Savvy Times magazine. Recent back-issues of Savvy Times are available for Parelli members in the Resources section of Parelli Connect.

Formula for the Perfect Warm-Up

Keeping these three words in mind is a great way to remind yourself what you need to do when warming your horse up or playing with him. It’s so easy to play the Seven Games or do Parelli Patterns but get in a bit of a rut by doing what you usually do, and not really getting your horse in the right frame of mind.

There are three goals you should be looking for when warming up your horse: You need him to be calm, connected and responsive throughout the session.

It’s all about finding personal success in the relationship with your horse by putting the relationship first, which means putting the needs of your horse first. Great horsemen see and know the differences between horses and know that each horse is unique and has specific needs. One of the secrets to success is to give your horse what he or she needs before asking for what you want.

Your warm up is everything.
Success is all about preparation.

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