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Sunday, 4 August 2013

How I Ended Up Appearing in Someone Else's Book

It has been a while since I have written a personal blog post, and this one is not about really about horsemanship.  It's about connections and reaching out, and how circumstances can sometimes just lead to something you are not necessarily looking for!

Revolution in HorsemanshipThe first time I appeared in a book, I did not even know I was going to!  Dr. Robert Miller's Revolution in Horsemanship has just published and while I had purchased a copy, it was still sitting on a shelf waiting to be read.  A friend of mine spotted my picture in the book and told me about it!  It seems I was photographed at an event and they chose that picture of me and Linda Parelli to be included in Dr. Miller's book.  I was not actually named in the book, but I am appearing in it!  This was long before I became a Licensed Parelli Professional.  I was just another raving fan and student of the program at the time.

This latest appearance in a book was also a result of circumstances but was somewhat more coordinated.  This time I actually knew in advance how I was going to be featured and in what context.  Last winter I took a few business classes to improve my marketing and online skills, and signed up for a series of free Internet seminars on using Wordpress to build a web site.  Since I have been on a mission to redo my web site (which is currently a work in progress), I wanted to learn more about the latest technology and platforms.  One of the presentations was from someone named Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, and I found it really informative and captivating.  After the class, I signed up to get more info on Natalie, and to my surprise, she actually responded personally with an email!  That does not happen often in the online business world, so she definitely got my attention.  We exchanged a few emails and she asked me about my work.

As a result of this interaction, Natalie, who was in the early process of planning a new book, asked if I would give her permission to feature my story in her book.  After all, I spend a good part of my life living out of a trailer as well as a suitcase.  After a few more exchanges on content and wording, there it was: my story was featured as a real-life example of someone who chose freedom in business and adventure in life!   I think that is pretty awesome.

I am still a looong way from being as successful and as productive on line as Natalie is, but being picked to be part of her book inspired me to look at my lifestyle with new eyes and expand on what I have already created with video coaching services and social media.

It also showed me how reaching outside my own circles and revisiting paradigms can lead to useful discoveries and a mind shift about opportunities.

If you have any interest in choosing a location independent lifestyle and ever wondered if you could do it while running your own business, Natalie's book offers great ideas, inspiration and detailed how-to information.  Check it out at

And in case you were wondering, I have no personal interest in promoting this book, other than the fact that I am thankful for being part of it :-)

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