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Sunday, 11 August 2013

What do you mean my horse is my mirror? By Linda Parelli

What to you mean my horse is my mirror?  It’s funny. I never really noticed that all four horses I’ve owned had the same problem…they were highly excitable and were prone to run off with me. All I could think was, “Why do I keep choosing this type of horse?” I know, now, that it was no accident. My horses were trying to teach me something—if only I could be humble enough to listen. I finally did, and here is my story about learning to take responsibility. 

I never thought that there was anything wrong with me if one of my horses dragged me while I was leading him, or if he couldn’t stand still to be groomed…saddled…mounted, or if he wouldn’t get into a trailer. Boy, did I learn a lot. 

Here is a great blast from the past - this is the first article written by Linda Paterson (now Parelli!) about her journey to Natural Horsemanship, published in 1995.

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