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Monday, 5 July 2010

Feedback on the Ottawa clinic June 25-27th

One thing for sure, I love to teach and to share Parelli, but most rewarding of all is seeing students 'get it' and be able to move on with the information that they learn during the clinics. It's all about empowering all of you to read, understand and help your horses!

The Level 1 clinic in Ottawa at the end of June was fun and here are some of the comments from the participants. I thank all who volunteered and helped to organize a great weekend, especially Kara-Lee, who really put in the time and effort to make this event a success!

Kara said, 'I learned so much about patience from Genevieve helping Kris to be confident with the trailer - and her timing of when to ask him and when to stop asking - it was fascinating.'

Karin, who brought a challenging rescue horse with extreme RBI behaviors that she has been helping using Parelli, remarked, 'I had a great time at the clinic. I learned a lot about my horse. We've never had such long play sessions and i think that helped me to see a different side of him. I think he's at a stage now that clinics are needed for us to re-focus and progress. We've been doing Level 1 for quite a while now, and he's generally light in the right state of mind. I think he's a very interesting horse and i love him, but i sometimes wonder if i can help him. It doesn't seem normal for a horse to be so afraid or unhappy with the situation just to "leave". I've never seen anything like it. I just want him to be happy and confident... I was very happy to see the instructor know right away that my horse was an extreme case of left brain introvert. Not a lot of people see that, they see lazy, quiet horse but he can be quite explosive... Oh the figure 8! We hadn't practiced that in so long i was very proud of him when he did it. That was probably one of our biggest and fastest break-throughs.'

Vickie commented - 'I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot. It was great meeting so many like minded individuals and their horses. The trailering lesson was great.'

Audrey came from Laval to audit and sent this note: 'Merci pour la belle fin de semaine !!!C'est avec beaucoup d'amour et de connaissances que tu partages ta passion pour les chevaux !!! C'est beau a regarder... et je vais partager ce que j'ai reçu avec mes amies chevals et le ranch où je prend mes cours.....Déjà j'avais le goût d'en apprendre plus sur le Parelli, mais là j'ai la piqûre...'

Keep it natural, looking forward to seeing all of you in the fall!


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