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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Meet Kara-Lee, my new coordinator!

What does it take to be a coordinator for a Licensed Parelli Professional? Loyalty, dedication, great organizational and people skills, attention to details, true passion for the Parelli program and its principles, and lots of patience (to deal with the instructor!). Kara-Lee embodies those qualities. She has agreed to help me coordinate clinics and lessons in Eastern Ontario and to represent me, and I am thrilled to be able to work with such a great partner. As they say, two heads are better than one! She has already demonstrated her skills, in addition to being just a great person to be around! I thought I would let her introduce herself, she does it way better than me.

Kara-Lee Golota lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her lighting designer husband and their five pets. A lifelong learner with over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur in an oceanography company, Kara-Lee is a leader of people, organizations, events, finances and thrives in creating positive and fulfilling environments. Her other passions include community involvement and organizing music events at her family's pub ‘Irene's’ letting her flute's voice join in the music-making.

Growing up in an urban family that didn’t quite share her passion for animals − and especially horses − her longings to be around animals were rarely satisfied. In order to spend time with her furry friends, Kara-Lee began to volunteer at various therapeutic riding and horse establishments where she continued her involvement and become an Assistant Instructor for therapeutic riding with CANTRA.

By her early thirties Kara-Lee plucked up the courage to follow her heart, set aside her doubts about her “crazy” ideas, and became the caregiver of ‘In Dreams’, a horse that lives five minutes from her house. Nicknamed ‘Buck’ the three year old neighbor became a gift from the universe to Kara-Lee and for the past two years she and her equine partner have been journeying together.

Buck is a left brain introvert and very confident in his own opinions. His strong personality prompted Kara-Lee to follow her instincts and pursue the natural horsemanship approach of Parelli. The concept of learning how to have a partner based relationship with a horse, resonated deeply with Kara-Lee and today she and Buck are avid students of the principles and philosophy of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Buck teaches Kara-Lee daily how to be a better leader and under his tutelage has assisted in her successful completion of Parelli Level Two Online.

Kara-Lee remains humbled and awed every day of her life by her interactions with these magnificent, patient, and forgiving equine teachers. She wants to spread the word about the transformation between horses and their humans when people use the Parelli principles of Love, Language and Leadership in equal doses.

You can reach Kara at klgolota@gmail.com or (613) 255-2804


  1. Hello Genevieve,

    Kara has been telling me about her involvement with you. It sounds great. I hope to meet you again in Ottawa some time soon.

    My daughter and son are spending a lot of quality, fun time with their ponies this Summer. Their natural horse.person.ship is coming along in leaps and bounds. Meanwhile my husband and I are readying our new home for our small herd!



  2. Congratulations Kara!! This is very exciting! Great to hear that you've done level two online. I can't wait to see you and Buck together again. I can only imagine the changes that have happened.